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The Oscars show aims to be an in-person event with no virtual participation allowed, despite the ongoing pandemic. What can event producers, in any field, learn from this attempt?


The 2021 Academy Awards, aka the “Oscars,” like many events, are adapting to the ongoing pandemic. Yet, the producers of this year’s ceremony set for April 25 appear ready to change things up for a show that has for so long embraced tradition, and well, has just seemed — long, as in, too long.

But will the telecast, often the second most-watched TV broadcast in the United States after the Super…

The Oscars show producers forgot to heed one rule all event organizers should plan for — always know your ending.

The 2021 Academy Awards concluded with a memorable ending, but not the one many expected. Joaquin Phoenix’s surprise announcement of Anthony Hopkins as Best Actor for his role in “The Father” gave the show an abrupt conclusion that caused a social media backlash.

Yet, if the show’s producers had followed the golden rule of filmmaking of “always know your ending,” it all could have been avoided.

And that’s the key lesson any event organizer can learn from the 93rd Academy…

Rod Laver Arena at the Australian Open.
Rod Laver Arena at the Australian Open.
Rod Laver Arena (Creative Commons)

Tennis pros have a specific love/hate relationship with lines people on the court. Yet with a new change at this year’s Australian Open, players may be forced to argue with a computer to no avail when a call doesn’t go their way as technology continues to take over the sport.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s Australian Open features all-electronic line calls as a way to reduce the number of people on court. Pre-recorded voices shout the familiar “Out,” “Foot Fault,” and “Fault” calls during a match in the two-week event. A human umpire will still be in the…

The Australian Open traditionally kicks off the tennis season as the first major or Grand Slam tennis tournament. However, this year’s Australian Open made more headlines than usual before a tennis ball was even struck in Melbourne, Australia.

With all the debate over whether professional sports should occur during the pandemic, those pros and cons took extra significance as pros from around the world traveled to Australia before the event even started.

Now that’s it about to kick off this Sunday (or Monday if you are “Down Under”), the question remains — will it be worth it?

Melbourne endured…

AMC Hoffman Center 22 Theater Lobby (Creative Commons)


No, not the year. But the film “1917”. That was the last film that I saw in an actual movie theater over a year ago.

Being an avid filmgoer, awards show fan, and documentary film distribution consultant, movies are a big part of my life. The fact that it’s felt like the year 1917 and not January 2020 since I stepped inside a movie theater before the pandemic made me realize how much I missed the movie-going experience. …

Erik Gudris

Writer, Producer, Documentary Film Consultant. He lives in Washington, D.C.

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